What does the EU Referendum Result mean for our local wildlife and natural environment? The EU's environmental legislation has provided a strong framework for wildlife protection and air and water quality improvements. The decision to leave the EU brings significant long-term risks to our local wildlife and the quality of our natural environment.

Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust calls on the UK Government to:

Ensure that, on leaving the EU, the Government affords at least the same level of legal protection to our internationally important wildlife sites. Habitats such as Blacka Moor, Wyming Brook, Bradfield, Broomhead and Midhope Moors will no longer have the added protection of the European Nature Directives and we ask the Government to take forward the promises made during the referendum campaign to strengthen UK legislation to protect wildlife.

We ask the Government to take forward the promises made during the referendum campaign to strengthen UK legislation to protect wildlife.

Ensure that, on leaving the EU, the Government, as a minimum, delivers the same level of investment in schemes that encourage farmers, land owners and managers to deliver environmentally friendly farming. Local sites such as Woodhouse Washland will need the same, if not more, investment in habitat improvements if wildlife and ecosystems are to flourish.

Continue to improve air and water quality, adopting the same standards as the EU frameworks even on leaving the EU. The Water Framework Directive has been key to ensuring targeted investment in improving the water quality and biodiversity of Sheffield and Rotherham’s rivers. We ask the Government to adopt a similar framework to ensure these improvements continue.

With the EU Referendum over, the challenges faced by the UK’s wildlife are as great as they have ever been.

Now is the time to focus on the future of our natural world for the benefit of people and wildlife. To concentrate on what we can do for nature and what nature can do for us.

Our politicians need to know that now the UK’s relationship with the EU has been decided, people who care for wildlife and the natural environment want to see significant changes for the better - a bold and visionary approach to nature’s recovery - mapped out, committed to and funded across the UK. A vision that will help our farming, fishing, flood management, health and wellbeing as well as our wildlife.

Join Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust today to help make this vision a reality.

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Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust, along with the other Wildlife Trusts nationwide, has come together with the other UK's major environmental and conservation organisations – a combined membership of almost 8 million people – to form the Greener UK coalition. This coalition is working to ensure that, as the UK Government negotiates exit from the EU, it does so in ways that mean the nation has clean air and water, a stable climate and a thriving natural environment for the future. For the latest on this coalition, and the response of local MPs, see Launch of Pledge for the Environment.

The Green Alliance Pledge for the Environment, as well as signatories, can be found here.

E-petition: Protect UK Environment & Wildlife - adopt European environmental legislation

In response to the vote to leave the EU, Zach Haynes (an 11 year old nature champion from Yorkshire) has set up an e-petition calling for the government to set up new laws for the UK that give our precious wildlife and environment the same protection as under the current EU laws. You can read his blog here.