Wild PE

Muddy kids after WildPEMuddy kids after WildPE

An awesome new PE offer for schools in Sheffield & Rotherham has arrived!

Described as “EPIC!” “EXTREME” and “MUDDY!” The Greno Woods Obstacle Course Race will challenge your pupils and ignite their desire to be outdoors and active. 

Designed as a team challenge, every pupil can realise their full potential and contribute to their team’s score. Check out our course video!

The six-week course includes six weekly, one-hour PE sessions. In week one, pupils visit Greno Woods to pit their skills against the Greno Woods Obstacle Course Race and record a baseline measurement of their performance. Weeks two to five are held in school where pupils work on a range of skills that develop the strength and stamina required to improve their results on the course. In week six they return to Greno Woods to take the obstacle course challenge again and track their improvement.

Massive thanks to Jingle Punks for the use of their fantastic soundtrack: ‘Earthy Crust’ & ‘Earthy Crust (Sting)’


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