Wild PE

Muddy kids after WildPEMuddy kids after WildPE

An awesome new PE offer for schools in Sheffield & Rotherham has arrived!


Described as “EPIC!” “EXTREME” and “MUDDY!” The Greno Woods Obstacle Course Race will challenge your pupils and ignite their desire to be outdoors and active. Designed as a team challenge, every pupil can realise their full potential and contribute to their team’s score.

Check out our course video here!

Available from KS2 onwards as a PE lesson, the course is also proving to be a superb transition team building activity or end of year celebration.

Contact: schools@wildsheffield.com for more details or to book a session.

Massive thanks to Jingle Punks for the use of their fantastic soundtrack: ‘Earthy Crust’ & ‘Earthy Crust (Sting)’


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