The Blacka Moor management plan

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the management plan.

The final version of the Blacka Moor Nature Reserve Management Plan can be downloaded below. The plan is a substantial document and, in places, quite technical. This is because it needs to provide our Reserve Managers with as much information as possible about the reserve and the background to the proposed management activities.

The Management Plan has been accepted by Sheffield City Council officers, and is awaiting approval from Sheffield City Council’s cabinet, and Natural England. Hopefully this will be no later than July.

In the table below you will also find summary reports detailing the feedback received during the management planning process and our responses to the various questions, comments and issues raised during the engagement process. Our responses have been clustered in common themes to illustrate how feedback has been used to influence our thinking and inform the plan.

Management plan summary

If you'd like to see a copy of the management plan summary leaflet, you can download it here.


FilenameFile size
Blacka Moor management plan 2015-202310.51 MB
Summary_leaflet.pdf10.45 MB