Healthy Schools Sessions

Activities range from fruit recognition and sorting activities for the younger children, to using and understanding the Eatwell plate model (food groups) and food labelling for older children and parents groups.

Health and Wellbeing School Activities, Foundation Stage to Key Stage 4

Sessions are available for all Key Stages (including Foundation Stage) and family learning groups and support the PHSE curriculum and Healthy Schools.

All of our activities have clear healthy eating messages linked to children’s and families’ personal lifestyles – with particular emphasis on lunch boxes and snacks. As much as possible, our sessions are hands on with opportunities for pupils to prepare and taste food. Where possible, we will try to provide opportunities to cook food – but this is dependent on facilities at the school. We have a range of cold recipes that we can use if necessary.

As an environmental organisation we are dedicated to strengthening the links between food and the environment. All our sessions incorporate environmental messages where appropriate – including reducing food waste and packaging and using local, seasonal produce where possible.

“Looking at the Healthy Plate was really useful for our children, so they can make informed choices about what they eat.” Y4 teacher, Emmaus Catholic School

Health and Wellbeing Activities 

Foundation Stage

Eating healthily: This session provides appropriate healthy eating messages for under-5s. It includes sorting food types, counting, exploring the 5 a day message and stories to explore how you can stay healthy. Children will be able to taste different fruit and vegetables and experiment with cutlery.

Key Stages 1 and 2

Healthy lunchboxes: This session uses the FSA Eatwell plate model to explain the importance of different food groups in our diets. For KS1 the focus is on identifying and sorting, for KS2 pupils will learn how our bodies use different foods. 

Where does food come from: At KS1, children will use maps to identify where food has come from and consider what might happen to food on its journey. They will discuss seasons and what plants need to grow and produce fruit. We build on this at KS2, looking at food labels to try to identify where food originated and exploring different arguments for transporting food long distances.

Key Stages 3 and 4

Making healthy choices: The aim of this session is to promote a healthy balanced diet through the use of the FSA Eatwell plate model and to increase understanding of food labels, from both a nutritional and environmental prospective.

Family Learning Course

Cooking and eating together: This is a 5-week course where parents and children can learn together. It is based on supporting families to improve their diets – by introducing key healthy eating messages and providing teaching basic cooking skills to enable parents to incorporate healthier foods into their everyday menus.

Assemblies and Talks: We are happy to deliver participative PSHE assemblies focussing on healthy eating messages and making healthy choices. (Eatwell plate)

Developing cooking clubs: We offer a support package to schools wanting to set up their own cooking clubs – giving staff the skills and confidence to run the clubs themselves. This includes one twilight training session, health and safety guidance, printed resources and recipes, advice on equipment, attendance at the first session and ongoing telephone support. Membership of Sheffield Wildlife Trust is also included. 


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