KS3 and KS4 Sessions

Sessions for Key Skills Levels 3 and 4

We have a range of fieldwork activities designed to support Science and Geography at Key Stages 3 and 4. We also offer longer term Forest Skills and Vocational Learning programmes for secondary school groups – these are delivered over a number of weeks depending on your needs and the requirements of any accreditation. Please contact us so we can discuss these and develop any activities to meet your requirements. We will be happy to adapt any session or programme to meet your needs or to work with you to develop new activities.

All our activities will encourage communication and problem solving and will develop pupils’ language and numeric skills. We recognise that pupils’ ability varies so please contact us in advance so that we can adapt the activity to meet the learning requirements of your class.
We are happy to suggest an appropriate site for you to visit for our activities, or you may prefer to use a site you already know. We will discuss locations with you when you book.


“The leader at Sheffield Wildlife Trust worked well with a challenging group of children to ensure that they had a positive experience” Y8 teacher, The Willows, Rotherham.

Activities Available for Secondary Schools 

Ecological Sampling Techniques: The class will investigate and sample invertebrate populations and plant populations using keys to identify species. A variety of techniques will be used including sweep netting and tree beating for invertebrates, and quadrats and transects for plants. .

Rivers: A Fieldwork Approach: Pupils will investigate the changes in a river as it travels through Wyming Brook Nature Reserve in the Rivelin Valley. .

A Level Biology / Geography: Please contact us to discuss opportunities for A Level activities..

Forest Skills: Forest skills programmes can engage and inspire pupils who find it hard to connect with a formal learning environment. Alternatively, they give gifted and talented pupils a more relaxed and creative environment to develop their problem solving skills and see the theory they have learnt in the classroom come to life. .

Staff Training: We can also arrange staff training sessions at your school to help you get the most out of your outdoor environment. To discuss training opportunities, please contact the Education Team on 0114 2634335 or schools@wildsheffield.com.




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