Be a Hedgehog Hero!

Hedgehog cpt Tom Marshall

When did you last see a hedgehog? The nation's favourite wild animal used to be a common sight in our gardens and along our hedgerows, but not any more. You can help us fix that.


Hedgehog numbers are dwindling rapidly across the UK.  30% of them have disappeared over the last decade and now it's likely that there are fewer than one million left.

There are many likely causes for this dramatic disappearance; each one alone is a problem for our prickly pals, but together they combine to make life exceptionally hard for hogs.

Habitat loss and fragmentation, development, fewer hedgerows and changes in the way surviving hedgerows are managed, the intensification of agriculture, roads, garden pest control – particularly the use of slug pellets – and the increasing use of impenetrable garden fencing are all thought to be factors.

The Hedgehog Hero appeal!

Hedgehog numbers are not easy to monitor and our Nature Counts team is involving members of the public in making records of hedgehog sightings in order to better understand the local population. The more we know about them, the more effective will be the measures we can put in place for their preservation.

Please help our campaign to save Sheffield's hedgehogs. We would like to raise £5000 to:
Pay for hedgehog-friendly habitat work on our nature reserves across Sheffield.
Support our Nature Counts team and volunteers' work to survey and monitor hedgehog numbers to build a clearer picture of the causes of their decline so we can combat them.
Raise awareness among the public of the current plight of our hedgehogs..

Let's give hedgehogs a helping hand.

To donate through Virgin Money Giving, please visit:

and mention hedgehogs in the comments box.

Or send a cheque to:
Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust
Victoria Hall
37 Stafford Road
S2 2SF

Please make the cheque payable to Sheffield Wildlife Trust and write 'Hedgehog appeal' on the back.


Seen a hedgehog in or around Sheffield? We want to know about it!

Let us know what you saw and when and where you saw it. We’re also interested in any hedgehog signs plus and sightings of dead hedgehogs.

View our hedgehog map to take a look at the hedgehogs near you. Don’t forget to add your sighting!


You can read more about our Hedgehog Heroes project here.