30 Days Wild - Week 1 Ideas

Bug huntingBug hunting

What shall we do today? Ideas for week 1...

Day 1

Dance in the rain
Dance in a downpour. It's raining, it's pouring! So what? Splashing in puddles isn't just for little ones - so get outside and rock some moves in the rainstorm.

Showcase wild things
Showcase your wild findings by starting a nature table at work, school or home: feathers, mosses, fossils - even bones and skulls - are a great talking point over a morning coffee, and a way to bring nature into your workplace.

Explore somewhere wild
Wildlife and wild places are closer than you think: explore somewhere wild nearby that you've never been before: local parks, nature reserves or churchyards are perfect.


Day 2

Take off your shoes
Feel the cool grass beneath your feet, by discarding your socks and sandals. How many wild landscapes can you feel through the soles of your feet in a few minutes? Or squidge your toes between delicious mud for a free pedicure

Go moongazing
Use your birding binoculars to gaze at the moon - even small bins will give you a whole new perspective.


Admire the setting sun
Find somewhere with a view to the west, stay up late and admire the setting sun in all its colourful glory. What do you notice about wildlife at this time of day?


Day 3

Hug a tree
Give your favourite tree a cuddle and work out if it’s ancient. If you've got an oak that is three adult hugs (or more), a beech measuring two or a skinny rowan tree that’s one hug round, then you've got yourself an ancient tree that could have been alive for 100s of years!

Sniff a flower
Take a few seconds on the way to work or school to inhale the perfume of a wildflower, a plant or the leaves of a tree.

Exercise in the wild
Change your walking, jogging or cycling route to exercise in wild places, and watch your stamina and motivation improve as if by magic!


Day 4

Meditate somewhere wild
Take some 'me' time and meditate somewhere wild. Feel your stresses melt away as you strike yoga poses, shoulder-stands or simply lie down outdoors and take a different view of the wild!

Save a life
If you find a house guest or pest inside, catch it in a glass and release it outside. Don't kill it! Just make sure that your glass is big enough - we don't want any trapped legs!

Create a wild work-of-art
Create artwork in the wild using leaves, pine cones, twigs, feathers - whatever is to hand. Leave it somewhere – on a branch, by a path, by a bench – and it will make a lovely surprise for someone else to enjoy.


Day 5

Dangle your feet in wild water
People love being close to water: crashing waves, a babbling brook, gentle canals or peaceful ponds. So does wildlife. Dangle your feet in water nearby, or take a net and go dipping!

Restore a wild place
Restore a wild place by marking out a square metre (or more) in your garden and watch it grow! Leave the lawn and watch the wildflowers (not 'weeds'!) grow on the patio. Nature will love it - and so will you!

Write for wildlife
Is there a local nature issue that you care passionately about? Maybe a local wild place or species is under threat, or maybe you have too little wildlife in your area. Write to your MP about wildlife; pen an article for a local parish magazine or send a letter to your local newspaper.


Day 6

Photograph wild colours
Snap a picture of something blue and bring a little colour to someone's life by sharing it on social media. Cornflowers, delicate holly blue butterflies, common blue damselflies or even a clear blue sky are all worth a photo.

Watch a wild webcam
Stuck inside? Watch a webcam and experience the sights and sounds of nature - from nesting ospreys and barn owls to the 360 spin-views of remote wild places to the sound of grazing cattle!

Eat or drink a wild ingredient
Mix a wild cocktail, fresh brew or leafy salad using an ingredient you've found in nature: elderflowers, dandelion leaves and nettles have great flavours (just make sure to identify them properly before you tuck in – if in doubt, leave it out!).

Start a nature-street
Team up with neighbours to start a nature-street and share a wildlife gardening vision that goes beyond your own fence. Cut hedgehog holes in fences, plant hedges and more...


Day 7

Invite a friend into nature
Invite a friend into nature next time you go to a wild place: a wild wander makes a lovely (and cheap!) alternative to a cafe or shopping centre.

Shout about your local wild places
Tweet your local tourist board with a picture of your favourite wild place nearby. You could ask them to include natural areas in their publications.

Learn something wild
No one knows everything about nature, but there is so much to discover. Challenge yourself to learn a new birdsong, or to identify different trees, butterflies or flowers: it'll make a great break from work and you’ll be a whizz at pub quizzes.

Read your favourite book outdoors
Make the most of long, sunny evenings and read your favourite nature book somewhere wild. Up a tree or in a meadow, perhaps! Why not pack a glass of wine or a flask of something to keep you warm, too?