30 Days Wild - Week 4 Ideas

What shall we do today? Ideas for week 3...

Day 22

Have an outdoor meeting
If you've got a one-to-one meeting at work, suggest a walk outside in the fresh air instead of a stuffy office. Walking side-by-side outdoors can help colleagues bond over difficult issues.

Look for animal tracks and signs
Look for animal tracks and signs and investigate that smeuse!

Print your own botanical cards
Print your own botanical cards. Hammer fresh flowers and leaves onto watercolour paper - they will release natural dyes and leave an imprint behind. Or just press them between the pages of a book to use at a later date.

Day 23

Celebrate the Feast of St John
Have a magical evening on June 23rd, for the Feast of St John. Celebrate with a small fire in your back garden, gather traditional, medicinal wild herbs like St John's Wort, and share an outdoor meal with neighbours and friends.

Be an entymologist
Get out with a net and magnifier pot and sweep through the long grass and hedgerows.

Showcase wild things
Showcase your wild findings by starting a nature table at work, school or home: feathers, mosses, fossils - even bones and skulls - are a great talking point over a morning coffee, and a way to bring nature into your workplace.

Day 24

Swim somewhere wild
Swim somewhere wild - you'll get closer to wildlife when you swim in ponds and rivers... even kingfishers will tolerate a wild swimmer nearby!

Try rock balancing
Try your hand at rock balancing. This eye-catching art form uses stones, bricks or rocks to create breathtaking natural sculptures. Take a look at rock balancing artist, Adrian Gray's work!

Play music under the stars
If you play an (portable!) instrument, then go out on a warm night and play a (quietish) tune under the night sky.

Day 25

Get up close to a garden snail
Get up close to a garden snail...watch it move its head and tentacles towards you as it senses you in its 'space'.

Create a wild space at work
Encourage your workplace to create a wild space. A bland patch of lawn or paving could be transformed into beautiful plot to sit in or become a focus for colleagues to grow herbs.

Take your kitchen outdoors
Make your own outdoor kitchen so you can spend more time outdoors in good weather.

Day 26

Prepare a picnic for your garden birds
Prepare a bird picnic with fruit, nuts, cheese and see which food they eat.

Make a map of local wildlife
Map out what wildlife lives where in your area and share it with neighbours, schools and local cafe - get people excited!

Have a wildlife or bird race
Compete with friends or another family to see who can spot the most birds or other wildlife in one hour, morning or a day. Compare notes then the winning team celebrates!

Day 27

Use a mirror
Go tree swimming - walk through woodland with a mirror tilted skywards and enjoy a bird's eye view.

Make a bark boat
Make a bark boat and watch it set sail across pond or stream: how far will it travel?

Shine a torch
Shine a torch on a pond at night and meet a newt!

Day 28

Make a note of wildlife
Start a wild list - it can be for birds, mammals, butterflies, whatever you like, but you can record what you've already spotted and use field guides to identify new things you'd like to see!

Sketch a plant
Take a piece of paper and pencil outside, and have a go at sketching a plant, seed or feather up close. You'll find yourself getting lost in the exquisite details, shapes and textures.

Build a loggery
Build a loggery for stag beetles - a magnificent and declining species which needs dead wood to survive.