30 Days Wild - Week 5 Ideas

What shall we do today? Ideas for week 3...

Day 29

Watch daisies and sunflowers follow the sun
Some garden flowers follow the sun as it travels across the summer sky: find some - daisies or sunflowers for example - and snap them every hour to see how they move.

Make a daisy chain
Make a daisy chain in the park with friends at lunchtime.

Ban electronic items for a day
Rewild your family by banning all electronic items from being switched on for a day - TVs, tablets, phones and computers are all out! Tune in to nature instead!

Day 30

Make a mammal tunnel
Make a mammal tunnel with an ink pad and check it for paw prints - find out what lives in your garden

Bake something yummy with a wildlife theme
Next time you're baking, make it wildlife themed: you could make cakes with flowers or insects on them, or if you're feeling really ambitious, try making a hedgehog cake!

Sign a petition
Help protect the places that wildlife needs to survive - sign an e-petition today. For example, you could help save our Ocean Giants…

Contact your local Wildlife Trust
Contact your local Wildlife Trust - they will have inspiration, local events, activities and wild places to start your wild journey this June!