Greno Woods

Photo of a path through Greno Woods by Chris Senior, ecoscapes.orgPhoto copyright Chris Senior,

Greno Woods is a site of ancient woodland recorded as far back as the Middle Ages. It is our newest nature reserve, and the only one we actually own rather than lease.

Greno Woods is a large and beautiful reserve covering 178 hectares, next to the residential areas of Grenoside, Ecclesfield and Chapeltown. There is evidence that Greno Woods existed as early as 1600AD and has played a critical role in the local economy ever since.

Although it has been significantly altered by non-native conifers, it remains a peaceful ancient woodland with lots of species to look out for including brown hares, badgers, bats and the common frog. There are over 60 species of birds including linnet, redpoll and little owl, as well as harbouring the rare shining guest ant.

With a section of the Trans Pennine Trail in its midst as well as long and short tracks and trails, it has something for everyone including dog walkers, horse riders and cyclists.

Our sustainable conservation and management of Greno Woods will mean that they continue to play an important role in the well-being of local wildlife and local residents.


Greno Woods Management Plan Public Consultation Meetings

The Sheffield Wildlife Trust is writing a management plan for Greno Woods. This plan will cover the period April 2015-March 2021. Anyone with an interest in the woods, and what is happening there, is invited to attend and join the discussion.

Greno consultation dates

Further meetings to be arranged, as necessary.

For more information please contact Chris Doar:


Tree thinning and Extraction, winter 2013/14  *UPDATED Jan 2014 with amended plan*

Greno Woods Planting and Felling Plan

The Wildlife Trust for Sheffield and Rotherham continues its sustainable management of Greno Woods. We have been felling (mainly conifer) trees to encourage future growth of native broadleaf species and improve the diversity of wildlife species in the woods.

The green area on the amended plan (right) shows the extra work that was only agreed by FC late in the day (after the consultation plan went out). The work involves thinning mixed conifers and sweet chestnut (both non-native) within this area to favour oak and birch (both native).

Felling is due for completion mid-January with the site clear-up and reparations of paths taking place when conditions are dry enough after this.

We apologise for any disruption caused.

We will be planting the orange areas in the above plan with native broadleaf trees including oak, rowan and holly. This work will be completed by the end of March this year.

To find out more call 0114 263 4335 or email

Greno Woods wins Heritage Lottery Fund support

We're absolutely delighted to announce that with the help of public support and an extra award from the Heritage Lottery Fund, we can now purchase the last remaining 26 hectares of Greno Woods!

With this money confirmed, we're now confident we can secure the future of all of this magnificent woodland habitat, protect the wildlife within it and encourage new species to move in.

We're going to work with Weston Park Museum and the Working Woodlands Trust to engage local people in the project.


Reserve Advisory Group meetings (RAG)

Grenoside Conservation Society is now holding every other meeting as a Reserve Advisory Group for the woods. Anyone with an interest in the woods is welcome to attend. Please email our reserves team to find out more..

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