Moss Valley Woodlands

Bluebell WoodlandMoss Valley Woodland - taken by Amy Hattersly

Beautiful ancient woodlands

These beautiful ancient woods are carpeted in bluebells, sweet woodruff and wood anemone in spring and early summer. Majestic beech trees tower overhead in Long Wood, while Dowey Lumb is a small meadow with scattered trees and scrub which is increasingly rich in wildflowers. This south-facing hill is a perfect picnic spot to share with butterflies, and maybe even the elusive roe deer.

The woods are teeming with birds including woodpeckers that have taken advantage of the standing dead trees and the insects. You can also hear the distinctive song of yellow hammers and linnets, and at the scrubby edges of the woods are birds such as garden warblers, black caps and bullfinches.

Many paths are not marked on the maps, to allow for exploration and discovery, where you can truly enjoy the tranquillity of these peaceful woods.

If you need to get in touch with us about any of our reserves, please email or call us on 0114 263 433.

For more information about the wildlife in Moss Valley area as a whole visit the  Moss Valley Wildlife Group's website


Moss Valley map


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