New phone app to enhance your walk in the woods

Tuesday 7th July 2015

Greno Woods phone app map

Free to download, the "Wild Sheffield" phone app is available for iPhones, Android phones and tablets to help you explore your favourite nature reserves.

Aware of the fact that smartphones can keep kids glued to their screens, oblivious to the outdoor world, and that exploring nature is traditionally a tech-free activity, the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust has just launched ‘Wild Sheffield’ a new App to help everyone enjoy fantastic local green spaces in a whole new way.

Free to download, the Wild Sheffield App is available for iPhones, Android phones and tablets and encourages users to explore the Trust’s best loved nature reserves. With map and satellite views, the walks are easy to follow and include: information on directions to the start of each walk; descriptions of the route; the length of the walks and type of terrain. At key points along the route it lets you know about important wildlife areas, special plants and animals and other points of interest, such as historical sites.

Wild Sheffield starts with a choice of four walks in beautiful Greno Woods, followed by another six at other local Wildlife Trust reserves. The Greno Woods Explorer route, aimed specifically at families, leads users on a woodland adventure including opportunities for den building, geocaching and wildlife spotting.

As an added feature, at several points on the Greno Woods Explorer walk, users can pause and listen to local poet, Ian McMillan tell the children’s story ‘The Brownies’, written by local writer Julie Ewing in 1865. Inspired by her walks in Greno Woods, this tale is about never-seen woodland folk who live in your home and help with household chores in return for bread and milk. The story gave the Baden-Powells the idea and the name for the junior level of the Girl Guides.
With this new app the Trust is hoping to balance the role of technology in kids’ lives with the simple pleasures and lasting benefits of exploring and interacting with the outdoor world.

The Wild Sheffield App has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Viridor Credits Environmental Company through the Greno Woods project: a programme of woodland restoration, education and interpretation made possible by an award of £277,400 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Download the app onto your smartphone, free of charge, here...