Amey and our street trees

Wednesday 8th July 2015

As part of the Streets Ahead contract, Amey’s Streets Ahead Tree Team have been tasked by the City Council to manage the 36,000 trees on the road network across the city.

There is currently a significant programme of tree management taking place across Sheffield. We are regularly receiving calls from our members and the general public who are concerned about a tree removal notice appearing on a tree on their street or outside their house.

In response to this, we have met with Amey to find out more about the process for determining tree removal in these situations.

We have also recently worked with one of our members who was concerned that Amey had replaced some grass verges in the Greystones area with hard standing. We raised the concern with Amey and are pleased to report that the grass verges are being reinstated.

SRWT support a moratorium, as suggested by the residents of Rusltings Road, on the felling and replacing of street trees while resident’s concerns are properly addressed.

Please click here for more information and some suggestions as to what you can do should such a notice of removal appear on a tree near you.