10 year old Storm raises money for Wildlife Trust

Tuesday 10th November 2015

Storm Burgess loves all animals and raises money for more than eight local charities. To date, she has raised over £4,000.

Earlier this year, Storm’s mum, Tracy, contacted the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust explaining that her daughter raises money for dogs, cats and horses but is always looking for new charities to earn money for and wants to help hedgehogs, badgers, squirrels, foxes and birds.

“It was an amazing email to receive from such a young and fervent wildlife lover,” said Jane Campbell, the Trust’s Outdoor Learning Development Officer. “We were delighted to accept her generous offer to help us protect local wildlife”.

After just two months of fundraising, Storm had raised a staggering £116. She baked 100 buns and sold them earning £61; donated her weekly £5 pocket money, sold some old books and DVDs that she didn't want any more and did odd jobs around the house to earn money.

“Even if she found a penny in the street” said Tracy, “she’d pick it up and put it in the pot!”

The Trust were able to show their gratitude by inviting Storm and her mum to enjoy a Wild Play session at the Woodland Discover Centre in Ecclesall Woods, where she handed over the cheque. Storm is also an honorary recipient of the new Hedgehog Award.

“I was bowled over by Storm's enthusiasm, both for her fundraising mission and for the Wild Play session itself!” said Jane. “She is such a delight, and an inspiration”.