Help save our otters

Tuesday 17th November 2015

Otter group by Paul Hobson

Otters - one of our most charismatic mammals - were extremely rare and threatened with extinction during the 20th century. They are now finding a foothold in the heart of our urban territory but still need our help to thrive.

Through our habitat restoration projects, Rotherham Rivers and The Living Don, and by creating a new wetland reserve at Centenary Riverside, we have already enhanced the vital network of waterways that slice through our urban areas. Rewardingly there is now evidence of wild otters roaming up and down the River Don through the heart of the city and into Rotherham.

In order to understand this rare mammal and help them thrive again, we are launching a new project to:

  • carry out surveys so we know more about the current otter population
  • complete a programme of habitat improvements to complement work already done
  • maintain artificial otter holts to encourage breeding
  • install a number of cameras to help us learn more about our local otters and share footage on our website
  • contribute to a new exhibition at Weston Park Museum

With significant funding already secured from the Wren Biodiversity Action Fund, we are now fundraising for the remaining sum of £20,000 to allow the project to go ahead. As we will be matching your donations with funding from Wren, every £1 you donate will actually be worth £5 to our otters.

Please help these amazing creatures by making a donation to our otter appeal.

To donate through Virgin Money Giving, please visit:

        and mention otters in the comments box.


Or send a cheque to Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust, Victoria Hall, 37 Stafford Road, Sheffield S2 2SF. Please make the cheque payable to Sheffield Wildlife Trust and write 'Otter appeal' on the back.

Please help us to take action to encourage these beautiful animals back to Sheffield and Rotherham.