Shining a green light on Sheffield

Friday 26th February 2016

Sunnybank photo credit Sarah SidgwickSunnybank photo credit Sarah Sidgwick

After 12 months of consultation and evidence gathering, Sheffield’s Green Commission has published its report on the city’s sustainability, alongside recommendations to retain and improve the city’s green credentials.

The independent Commission was made up of representatives from business, economic, environmental, academic and health sectors, with the aim to prioritise the city’s environmental and sustainable issues over the coming decades.

Liz Ballard, Chief Executive Officer of Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust and co-Chair of the Green Commission, said:

“When we first met as Green Commissioners, we were all aware of the scale and importance of the task ahead of us. We started to ask ourselves questions such as what would the city look like in 30 years time, how and where would people live, work & play, where would our energy come from, how would people get around, what would be the quality of our air, our water, our public spaces and natural environment, and how would Sheffield relate to other cities and the rest of the world in a changing social, environmental and economic climate?”

The resulting report, “Sheffield’s Green Commitment” looks at Sheffield’s future as a green city; considering its existing woods, parks and and waterways, and ways to improve transport, connectivity, energy and access to learning. The report puts forward recommendations that are ‘all achievable in the medium-term...with collective action from across the city’.

Liz added “Sheffield really can become a more sustainable city, with a better quality of life for all, if we work together to achieve this common goal. And as one of our presenters said – the battle for sustainability will be won or lost in our cities.”

We hope that businesses, organisations and communities from across the city will engage with this report and take up our call to action.

What can you do to help make a more sustainable future for Sheffield? Let us know on our twitter and facebook pages or the Sheffield City Council’s online portal “Citizen Space” which can be accessed from the home page.