I don't think that's a local frog...

Thursday 27th October 2016

Ecuadorian tree frog, Ben Keywood, Sheffield, florist, news, quarantineEcuadorian tree frog, Ben Keywood

A tree frog from Ecuador hitched a ride in some cut roses and ended up in a florists in Sheffield!

When the frog was discovered it had a very grey pallor and wasn't moving. Staff said all the flowers they import are sprayed with insecticide and chilled down to near freezing temperatures so it's remarkable the frog survived the journey.

Our entomologist Ben Keywood collected it on Friday. He said “I fed it flies caught in my garden all weekend, while a tropical frog expert from Froglife did some research to identify it from my photographs.”

The frog is a harmless Dendrapsophus species, so Ben has found a new home for it at the Butterfly House in Anston, where it will be quarantined before being released into the amphibian house.

This is the first case of a tropical frog coming in on cut flowers in the north of England, and the fourth in the UK this year!