Brexit - what next for Nature? Launch of Environment Pledge

Thursday 8th December 2016

#GreenerUK Launch of Environment Pledge#GreenerUK Launch of Environment Pledge

Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust, along with Wildlife Trusts nationwide, has come together with the UK's other major environmental and conservation organisations – a combined membership of almost 8 million people – to form the Greener UK coalition.

This coalition is working to ensure that, as the UK Government negotiates exit from the EU, it does so in ways that mean the nation has clean air and water, a stable climate and a thriving natural environment for the future.

SRWT asked our local MPs to sign up to the Pledge for the Environment and it is great to see that six of our local MPs: Clive Betts, Angela Smith, Louise Haigh, Gill Furniss, Nick Clegg and Paul Blomfield have already done so.


Leaving the European Union involves a once-in-a-generation change in how we protect the natural environment in the UK, and it is vital that we do this properly. Critical to this will be the legal, policy and incentive frameworks for wildlife protection, water, agriculture and fisheries currently provided for by the EU. The Government has made a welcome commitment for this generation to be the first since the Industrial Revolution to leave the environment in a better state than it was found. To achieve this, it will be vital, as the UK negotiates its departure from the EU, that our nation:

  • Continues to benefit from robust, well-enforced wildlife laws that protect internationally and nationally important species and habitats
  • Ensures we use this opportunity to develop natural environment strategies and food and farming policies in each part of the UK and carefully considers the replacement of any agri-environment schemes, such as flood risk management schemes, so that they clearly demonstrate greater benefits for people, wildlife and the natural environment, in particular better access & recreation and better health and wellbeing opportunities
  • Sustains real progress in terms of water quality, catchment ecosystems, fisheries policy and marine conservation.

How you can take action for nature

Why not write to your local MP? If they have already signed our pledge then please feel free to thank them for doing so. If they haven't please encourage them to sign.
Please also feel able to share your support on social media using the #GreenerUK and #EnvironmentPledge hashtags.
Join Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust today and help us support this pledge.

More information
Find out more about our post-EU referendum position.

The Green Alliance Pledge for the Environment, as well as signatories, can be found here.