Misty mornings and nippy nights

Monday 2nd October 2017

Autumn leaves in Greno Woods, by Paul HobsonAutumn leaves in Greno Woods, by Paul Hobson

Autumn is well and truly here! Misty mornings, nippy nights, dew-spangled cobwebs and the lingering scent of bonfires are a feast for the senses this month, and we have lots in store to help you make the most of it!

Skeins of honking geese fill the evening skies as they search for the places they will call home for the next few months, and hedgehogs snuffle around looking for somewhere to settle in for the winter. You can make things easier for them by making a CD-sized hole in your garden fence and leaving out some pet food to help them build up their fat reserves. Take a look at wildsheffield.com/hedgehogs for more ways you can be a hedgehog hero!

Wildlife workshops

October is a wonderful time to go for a walk on our reserves; there’s something magical about yomping through piles of orange-tinted crispy leaves as fantastic fungi burst forth from leaf-strewn woodlands, recalling tales of fairies and boggarts. If you’d like to find out more about the fascinating world of fungi, treat yourself to our Fungi Identification Workshop with our expert Patrick Harding at Moss Valley Woodlands on Saturday 28th. If you’re just as interested in what lives in a woodpile you might enjoy this creepy crawly fact; there are more than 50 species of woodlouse to be found in Britain! The Introduction to Woodlice workshop on Thursday 19th will teach you how to recognise and record many of the species found locally.

Shmapped guided walks

If you’d like to keep in touch as you walk, the Shmapped app - which helps you map the good things about Sheffield's green and built spaces - has been very popular, with over 1,200 downloads! Join us for free tours of little known gardens, historical gems and wonderful walks in Sheffield with our experts to help you get the most out of the app. There are guided walks at Lynwood Gardens on Tuesday 3rd, Blacka Moor on Sunday 8th, Broomhill Library Garden on Wednesday 11th, and Ecclesall Woods on Saturday 28th. Some of the walks have limited availability, so check wildsheffield.com/whats-on to see if you need to reserve your spot.

Wildlife gardening

Nature slows up in autumn, which makes it the perfect time for a spot of pruning, but if you’d like to help wildlife in your garden, don’t be too keen to tidy up! Leave your leaves in a corner, and consider leaving a few logs undisturbed. If you haven’t got a garden - come and help us with ours! The session on Friday 6th at our Victoria Hall garden is a great chance to learn about wildlife gardening. Now is also a really good time to carry out maintenance work on our reserves. Our regular volunteers are a friendly bunch and love to see new faces! If you'd like to know more before you take the plunge, come along to our Volunteers Taster Day on Saturday 7th at Blacka Moor.

Have a fangtastic October!

You can find out more details about all our events and workshops by visiting wildsheffield.com/whats-on or email nature.reserves@wildsheffield.com for more information about volunteering on your local reserve.