Restoring Greno Woods’ ancient woodland

Tuesday 17th October 2017

Greno WoodsGreno Woods

This autumn/winter, Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust will be carrying out restoration work to ancient woodland at our Greno Woods nature reserve.

It's all part of a long-term management plan which aims to bring about a gradual shift towards the re-establishment of native broadleaf to the north and east of the site, providing a range of benefits to wildlife, people and the landscape.

The planned restoration works will take place roughly from the beginning of November to the New Year and will include:

Tree pipit, by Rob Miller

  • Plantation on Ancient Woodland Site (PAWS) restoration work - selective removal of conifers within mixed woodland to favour native broadleaves
  • Sweet chestnut coppicing as part of the re-introduction of a rotational coppice regime to benefit ground flora such as common cow-wheat and wood anemones and woodland birds such as tree pipit and woodcock.

The Trust will also be dealing with conifers vulnerable to windblow in the vicinity of the quarry and clearing conifers from along a ride side to create an open linear glade.

Most of the timber will be extracted and hauled out from Low Hall Wood via the A61 to the north, with little impact on the village and surrounding communities.

Click here to view a map illustrating the planned restoration works.


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