November, naturally.

Friday 27th October 2017

Trust Volunteers, by Beth ClarkTrust Volunteers, by Beth Clark

We’re starting to get a hint of winter now, as frosts turn grass into diamond-sparkled stems, and starlings follow a mysterious call to create magical shapes in the dusk skies overhead.

Why not try a walk through the woods; most deciduous trees have already lost their leaves, but oaks will often be coming into their full autumnal glory. Take a walk through Greno Woods to get a colourful display to rival any fireworks!

If you are building a bonfire this month, remember to check for hibernating hedgehogs before you light it, and leave a few logs back if you can to provide shelter for minibeasts and small mammals. Unlike hedgehogs and bats, our badgers don’t hibernate, but they do slow down over the winter. You can find out more fascinating facts about these nocturnal mammals at Badger Night on Tuesday 23rd with Wendy Adams from South Yorkshire Badger Group.

A bit of outdoor exercise is a great way to make the most of the limited daylight and put off the winter blues. Double the benefits by lending a hand on our reserves! As plants die down at this time of year it’s a good time for us to do essential work. Our friendly volunteer groups are always happy to see new faces, with work parties at Moss Valley Woodlands, Blacka Moor, Crabtree Ponds, Wyming Brook, Centenary Riverside, Sunnybank and Woodhouse Washlands there’s definitely going to be one near you this month! If you'd like to know more before you take the plunge, come along to one of our volunteer taster days to talk to staff and volunteers. They take place on 7th, 13th, 19th and 24th.

Just because it’s getting colder doesn’t give the kids an excuse to hide inside either! This month our Wild Play family activities are all about creating autumnal art. Explore the seasonal colours and textures with us in Ecclesall Woods on Wednesday 1st, and Greno Woods Thursday 2nd. We'll build dens, create boggarts and experiment with natural art. For older kids aged 8-13, our Wild Side: Survival Skills at Greno Woods teaches them how to use woodland skills in the wild. On Thursday 2nd they will learn how to build a survival shelter which could keep them alive!

Gardening for wildlife at this time of year is largely about providing shelter and food. Join the Wild at Heart gardening group on Friday 3rd at our Victoria Hall Garden to get some hands-on experience and learn more. You might even discover some many-legged monsters; but how many legs does a centipede need before it becomes a millipede? You could get the answer to this conundrum from our very own Paul Richards at the Introduction to Millipedes and Centipedes with Sorby Natural History Society on Friday 3rd. This full day workshop will teach you all about Myriapods, and get you outdoors to test your knowledge and search for a rare speciality of Ecclesall Woods.

Whatever you do, get out and enjoy nature this November!

You can find out more details about all our events and workshops by visiting or email for more information about volunteering on your local reserve.