25-year environment plan – a positive step for nature and wildlife

Thursday 11th January 2018

Snowy Blacka Moor, by Nabil AbbasSnowy Blacka Moor, by Nabil Abbas

Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust has welcomed the government’s 25-year plan for the environment which was launched today.

Liz Ballard, Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust’s CEO, commented:

“The plan includes a commitment to establishing a natural environment recovery network and this is something that we have been working hard to develop here in Sheffield and Rotherham for many years. We hope the plan will lead to an increase in new local wildlife sites, linking up our existing nature reserves such as Blacka Moor and Wyming Brook and so helping our local wildlife thrive.”

There is also recognition of the importance of natural flood risk management as a key part of helping to protect our towns and cities from flooding.

“We welcome the government’s commitment to test, encourage and embed natural flood risk management solutions. This is something that Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust has been delivering for years at sites such has Centenary Riverside and strongly promoting to Sheffield City Council as an approach it needs to incorporate into its ‘Protecting Sheffield from Flooding’ scheme.”

With the exit from the EU on the horizon a new land management system for our countryside is vital.

“As a local landowner and manager ourselves, we want to understand more about the government’s proposal for a new environmental land management. We need to ensure that local sites such as Woodhouse Washlands and Kilnhurst Ings have more targeted investment to support habitats and ecosystems for wildlife and people.

“So we cautiously welcome the government’s plan, which shows good intentions to restore the natural environment, but it is now essential that it is supported by commitment, detail, resourcing and robust legislation through an Environment Act.”

You can read a copy of the plan here.

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