• I don't think that's a local frog...

    Thursday 27th October, 2016

    Ecuadorian tree frog, Ben Keywood, Sheffield, florist, news, quarantine

    A tree frog from Ecuador hitched a ride in some cut roses and ended up in a florists in Sheffield!

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  • Call on residents to help give hedgehogs a home

    Tuesday 11th October, 2016

    Hedgehogs are in decline

    Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust has launched an appeal to boost hedgehog numbers in the county. We are asking residents to become ‘Hedgehog Heroes’; by sending sightings of hedgehogs, along with donating funds to its Hedgehog Appeal. The Trust believes this will help them to learn more about the local hedgehog population.

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  • Have your say on the future of our city's trees

    Thursday 6th October, 2016

    Holy Vale Elm, Ed Marshall. Sheffield Tree Woodland Consultation

    The Trees and Woodlands Strategy Consultation 2016 is now open for your comments.

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  • Simon Barnes: Why acting for wildlife can make your life better

    Friday 23rd September, 2016

    Simon Barnes environmental campaigner with SRWT Rob Miller  Photo; Kate Dawson

    Simon Barnes, the esteemed wildlife journalist and author of over 20 books, including How to be a Bad Birdwatcher and most recently, The Meaning of Birds, gave an inspiring talk at our AGM on 22nd September.

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  • One of UK’s leading wildlife gurus to deliver major environmental speech in Sheffield

    Thursday 15th September, 2016

    Simon Barnes, leading environmental campaigner. Photo; David Bebber

    Not concreting over your garden and putting out a bird feeder could help to safeguard South Yorkshire’s wildlife for generations to come. That’s the message from one of the country’s leading writers on wildlife, who will demand everyone in the region takes responsibility for protecting natural environments when he delivers a major speech in Sheffield later this month.

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  • First footage of otter in River Don

    Tuesday 9th August, 2016

    Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust is celebrating catching some video footage of an otter on a special camera trap funded by its Otterly Amazing! appeal. Despite barely being on screen for three seconds the films leaves no doubt that these shy and elusive creatures have set up home in the River Don.

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  • New lease of life for the river at Catcliffe

    Monday 25th July, 2016

    River Rother, Catcliffe. Photo credit: N Paulin

    The River Rother at Catcliffe (and many other places) has been ‘messed with’ for hundreds of years – its course has altered many times and it has been artificially straightened for navigational purposes. The stretch through Catcliffe upstream of Treeton Lane is very straight, heavily silted and devoid of river life. A new scheme will bring a more naturalistic feel back to the river.

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  • Open-top bus event at special Elm tree in Nether Edge, Sheffield

    Friday 22nd July, 2016

    White Letter Hairstreak Butterfly (c) Geoff Lambertson

    Earlier this year, we wrote to Streets Ahead and the Independent Tree Panel and about the importance of a mature Elm tree in Nether Edge. The tree itself is a rare example of a mature Elm that has survived Dutch Elm disease. We also confirmed that is hosts a colony of the White-letter Hairstreak butterfly – which only lives on Elm.

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  • New HS2 route recommended for South Yorkshire

    Thursday 21st July, 2016

    New reports published by HS2 on 7th July have recommended that the HS2 proposed route in South Yorkshire should be changed.

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  • Nature Counts projects asks citizens to become scientists

    Tuesday 28th June, 2016

    Hedgehog in a pile of autumn leaves (c)Tom Marshall

    People of Sheffield have the chance to become ‘citizen scientists’ for an exciting two-year long joint project aimed at recording animal and plant species in the area. This work will culminate in a ‘State Of Nature’ report for Sheffield, to give the city an ecological ‘health check’.

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