• Historic Woodlands Fit for the Future

    Wednesday 30th March, 2016

    Panoramic view through Greno Woods

    Over 3000 native trees have been planted in Greno Woods this winter, as part of a plan to improve the resilience of the semi-natural ancient woodland, which holds some of Yorkshire’s most vulnerable habitats and species.

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  • Sheffield’s Birds – Racing against Modernity

    Wednesday 30th March, 2016

    Firecrest copyright Amy Lewis

    How modern farming practices and changing landscapes have pushed some birds to the brink while boosting numbers for others

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  • Shining a green light on Sheffield

    Friday 26th February, 2016

    Sunnybank photo credit Sarah Sidgwick

    After 12 months of consultation and evidence gathering, Sheffield’s Green Commission has published its report on the city’s sustainability, alongside recommendations to retain and improve the city’s green credentials.

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  • Smithy Wood - Planning Committee meeting

    Wednesday 24th February, 2016

    The Sheffield City Council planning committee meeting scheduled to consider Smithy Wood has been postponed. Due to local council elections, it now appears likely that the relevant planning committee will not take place until June 2016.

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  • Responsible Bird Feeding

    Wednesday 17th February, 2016

    Goldfinch Feeding by Derek Moore

    Gardens can be a haven for wildlife during the ‘lean’ months. They provide an important source of food and shelter for all kinds of species, especially birds. With a little planning, you can turn your garden into a sanctuary for them and reap the reward of seeing wildlife thrive throughout the year.

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  • Signs and Portents

    Tuesday 26th January, 2016

    Snowdrops in the snow

    Spring often feels like a good time for looking forward and contemplating what the year ahead may hold. Even if it doesn’t much feel like spring at the moment, the beginning of February has long been a time of foretelling and forecasting.

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  • Otter sightings in Sheffield centre

    Tuesday 12th January, 2016

    Otters have been spotted living along the River Don in the heart of Sheffield. Signs of these rare and elusive creatures have been recorded all along the stretch of river, from Middlewood in the north west, along river banks near Meadowhall shopping centre, and further out towards Rotherham.

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  • Wildlife Trusts urge Government to drop the cull

    Monday 21st December, 2015

    Badger by Jon Bowen

    The Government today announced that it is suspending the sourcing of BCG vaccine for English badger vaccination schemes, that the 2015 badger culls were ‘successful in meeting their targets’ and confirmed it wants to see ‘badger control over a wider number of areas next year’, issuing new guidance to Natural England that significantly relaxes the current badger culling licence criteria.

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  • Lead poisoning continues

    Monday 7th December, 2015

    Wildfowl grazing

    5,000 tonnes of lead shot causes unnecessary damage to wildlife in the UK every year and enters the human food chain.

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  • New railings for Crabtree

    Monday 7th December, 2015

    A team of students from Longley Park 6th Form College have been working with us to replace wrought iron railings at Crabtree Pond - their nearest local nature reserve.

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