Carr House Meadows

A patchwork of flower-rich meadows, perched above the Ewden Valley

At Carr House Meadows, the old English style meadows have been maintained and
create a lovely setting.

These meadows are a rare example of the flower rich fields that were once a common sight in England. They abound with colour – bluebells, yellow rattle and swathes of red and white clover. Scabious and orchids can all be found here, as well as the bright pink marsh-loving ragged robin, a rarity in the area.

Cattle do wonders for the meadows: grazing gives more delicate wildflowers the space to grow. They churn up the ground with their hoofs creating niches for wet loving plants to seed and creating an ideal habitat for insects.

Butterflies, beetles, spiders and grasshoppers all thrive in the rich foliage. The hedgerows and drystone walls are home to still more insects, plus a dense population of songbirds including the bullfinch, chiffchaff, willow warbler and

If you need to get in touch with us about any of our reserves, please email or call us on 0114 263 433.

Reserve Advisory Group meeting

The next RAG meeting at Carr House Meadows will be held in the Wharncliffe Side Community Centre on Tuesday 9th Feb, 7pm - 9pm.  This meeting is open to all members of the local community and users of the nature reserve to discuss upcoming management plans, and raise any issues or concerns. For further information, please contact  An update from the previous meeting can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.

Management Plan 2016 - 2026 Consultation

The current management plan and work programme for Carr House Meadows are due to end on March 31st of this year. Over the last three months we've been putting together the new plan for the next ten year management period, from April 2016 to March 2026. Drafts of these documents are now available in the 'Downloads' section below.

We welcome your views and comments on the 1st draft of the new management plan. We will have a three week consultation period starting from 05/02/2016, so please send your comments to Rob Miller at by 29/02/2016. Your feedback is important to us - any comments will be carefully considered and, where feasible, added into the plan. The work programme has not yet been completed and will be ready for comment with the 2nd draft of the management plan in March 2016.


Carrhouse meadows map


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