Dyke Vale Road

Picture of woodland edge at Dyke Vale Road play spaceDyke Vale Road play space, Hackenthorpe

The greenspace at the junction between Dyke Vale Road and Carr Forge Road is a designated play space, managed by Sheffield Homes. It is being re-developed to provide better and more exciting play opportunities, high quality public greenspace for all and improvements for wildlife and nature. This will be guided by a series of community events.

Physically this site has a distinct sloping landform which creates almost a grass amphitheatre effect. As the images show the site is bordered on one side by woodland and scrub some of which forms part of the space. Historically there has been a play area here dating from when the estate was built in the 1950’s, however since then the play equipment was vandalised and has had to be removed eventually for safety reasons.

The site is over looked by housing on two sides and views from the outer edges of the site are very good looking across the valley over to Woodhouse and another part of the Shirebrook Valley Nature Reserve.



Design Plan (Play Route)

Design Plan (Entire site)

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We are now the proud owners of a 143 hectare section of Greno Woods! This is the first nature reserve we actually own rather than lease, which is very exciting.

The appeal continues, however: the goal is still to reach £1m so that we can buy all of the land (169 hectares in total) and deliver the planned work on site. 

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