Burnaby Crescent

This green space is situated in the Walkley area of Sheffield and is bounded by Burnaby Crescent and Walkley Road. It is popular with dog walkers but is mainly used as a short cut by people walking to and from Walkley Road and Burnaby Crescent.

The Walkley Road side of the green space has numerous trees and slopes steeply down towards Burnaby Crescent before levelling out to a gently undulating open grass area lined with more trees on one side. The play area at this site had to be removed due to vandalism. However, the topography of the site could be used to create a fun, varied and exciting play experience for local children. Furthermore, there are opportunities to create quieter spaces for people to relax, with planting that would improve the aesthetic quality of the site as well as benefitting local wildlife.



Design Plan (North East side of site)

Design Plan (South West side of site)

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Google Map of Burnaby Crescent