Philadelphia Gardens

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Philadelphia Gardens is situated in the Upperthorpe area of Sheffield and is bounded by Infirmary Road, Fox Road and Philadelphia Gardens. It is a relatively large site with some steep banking, undulating and flatter areas. Currently it is mainly used as a through route and by dog walkers.

The play facilities are largely unused and are not fit for purpose. The site also has a history of anti-social behaviour and many residents feel like it is a ‘no go area’ because of this, particularly after dark. The basketball court is in a poor state of repair as is much of the other play equipment. However, there is a great deal of potential on this site for providing exciting play opportunities for children as well as creating spaces to relax and escape the surrounding built environment.

Residents are aware of and appreciate the many benefits to wildlife the park provides due to the varied habitats that can be found within. There are many mature trees, scrub areas and open grassland areas providing food and shelter for pollinating insects, birds and bats. However, there is still a lot of scope for improving and diversifying habitats even more to increase the overall biodiversity on the site for residents to enjoy. 



Design Plan (Basketball Court)

Design Plan (North End of Site)

Design Plan (South End of Site)

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Google Map of Philadelphia Gardens

Philadelphia Gardens has an active Friends Group which organises regular clear up and community events in and around the space.


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