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Smithy Wood cpt Helena Dolby

Thank you for taking a look at our appeals page. Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust is working hard to halt the decline in our biodiversity, trying to prevent the loss or destruction of species-rich habitats - and we need your help!

Campaigning for Wildlife Fund

Our wildlife is facing a number of challenges from new developments which are being planned and discussed in our area. We feel strongly that we can play an important role in standing up for wildlife and giving it a voice in these discussions.

It has been decided that we will set up a Campaigning Fund which will help to pay for the professional expertise and the time we need to scrutinise planning applications and proposed developments to lodge objections and campaign against further damage to our valuable natural heritage.

Find out more by visiting our Campaigning for Wildlife fund page

To donate through Virgin Money Giving, please visit:


and mention 'campaigning fund' in the comments box.

Or send a cheque to Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust, Victoria Hall, 37 Stafford Road, Sheffield S2 2SF.
Please make the cheque payable to Sheffield Wildlife Trust and write 'Campaigning fund' on the back. If you are a standard rate tax payer, you can gift aid your donation, allowing us to claim a further 25p in the pound at no cost to you. Please print off and complete the gift aid declaration and send it in with your cheque.


Hedgehog Hero Appeal

Hedgehogs are declining rapidly across the UK. It is estimated that 30% of the population has disappeared over the last decade and there are now thought to be fewer than one million of the nation's favourite animal left.

Hedgehog numbers are not easy to monitor and our Nature Counts team is involving members of the public in making records of hedgehog sightings in order to better understand the local population. The more we know about them, the more effective will be the measures we can put in place for their preservation.

The Hedgehog Hero appeal is now closed.

By donating to this appeal, you helped to:
Pay for hedgehog-friendly habitat work on our nature reserves across Sheffield.
Support our Nature Counts team and volunteers' work to survey and monitor hedgehog numbers to build a clearer picture of the causes of their decline so we can combat them.
Raise awareness among the public of the current plight of our hedgehogs..

For inspiration please take a look at this clip of one of our prickly friends in action. With your help we can ensure that this won't be the only way our children will see hedgehogs in the future. 


Otterly Amazing!

After many years, we now have evidence that otters are returning to the rivers of Sheffield and Rotherham!

It is encouraging news, but this most secretive of mammals is difficult to spot and we do not have a full picture of their numbers, location and habits. The Otterly Amazing project aimed to learn more about this charismatic species and help to deliver a series of habitat improvements along our rivers to encourage them to thrive here.

Find out more by visiting our Otterly Amazing! appeal page.