Terms and Conditions

This pages provides you with the terms and conditions which apply to the booking of any activity with our outdoor learning team. Please do give them a good read - you will have a more enjoyable experience as a result!











It is the responsibility of the person completing the booking form to ensure the following conditions are met and the person responsible for the group is aware of this. By ticking the box at the bottom of the booking form you are accepting these terms and conditions.

1. The visit must be approved by an authorised person at the setting and the booking form returned at least seven days prior to the session

2. The school/group are responsible for ensuring parental consent is given for all children and young people participating in the activity.

3. A responsible adult must stay with the groups at all times and a nominated person must act as first point of contact throughout the visit.

4. The school/group must ensure that all adults supporting the visit are approved by the school/group.

5. The school/group are responsible for ensuring a safe adult: child ratio is maintained at all times during the visit. Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust (SRWT) leaders are not included in this ratio.

6. Prior to the visit the school/group must brief the children/young people on what is expected and codes of behaviour.

7. Staff from the school/group are responsible for the supervision and behaviour management of pupils for the duration of the session. This applies within the school grounds as well as at an offsite location. It is the responsibility of the staff from the school/group to be attentive throughout the session and intervene to manage behaviour when required.

8. Staff from the school/group are required to support/assist SRWT staff in managing the group to ensure everyone remains safe.

9. The school/group must ensure that children with additional needs are supported.

10. The school/group leader should ensure that SRWT staff are aware of any special needs or requirements for individuals attending the session including any allergies or special dietary needs (where applicable)

11. The school/group leader should ensure that the children/young people and parents/helpers have been advised to wear suitable clothing and footwear for visits as the session will be outdoors. A session will only be cancelled at the discretion of the SRWT leader due to weather conditions which indicate a health and safety risk. Sessions will not be cancelled purely due to wet weather.

12. The school/group leader should ensure they are aware of the conditions of the site they are due to visit and to be aware that toilet and shelter is only available on specific sites. A site pre visit is available if needed and if a SRWT member of staff is required to support the site pre visit adequate notice must be provided.

13. The school/group leader should ensure that all children/young people taking part in the activity take note of instructions given by SRWT staff, particularly in relation to health and safety.

14. SRWT accept no responsibility for any loss or damage of any articles brought by the school/group or adults supporting.

15. SRWT staff must not be left unsupervised with any children/young people at any time.

16. Any sessions cancelled less than 7 days before the start of the session booked will be charged at the full amount.

17. If the school wishes to reschedule a session they must inform SRWT at least seven days prior to the booking. A rescheduled booking must be taken within the same school year. Rescheduling may incur additional charges. Please ask for details.

18. Health and Safety and Safeguarding are an utmost priority to Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust. We hope you are happy with the service we provide but if you would like to speak to someone about the way activities have been run or how your children were treated please contact Liz Ballard – CEO and safeguarding independent person on 0114 2634335 or email l.ballard@wildsheffield.com.

19. We have comprehensive policies and procedures in place. If you or any parents would like to see a copy please do not hesitate to contact us.