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The Shmapped app allows users to map the good things they see in their surroundings. It is part of the University of Sheffield's IWUN project and will contribute to the development of happier, healthier city spaces in Sheffield.

What is Shmapped? Shmapped is an app for your smartphone which invites users to map the good things about Sheffield’s green and built spaces. It is part of the innovative IWUN (Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature) project run by the Universities of Derby and Sheffield which aims to better understand how different aspects of city living affect our wellbeing.

Why were the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust involved?



Between June and November 2017, the Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust engaged local communities with the app by organising guided walks to try it out.

We teamed up with local volunteer groups and other organisations to lead events in popular locations such as Sheffield General Cemetery, Ecclesall Woods and Lynwood Gardens. People got to learn more about the green spaces on their doorstep and get some ideas for what to add to Shmapped.

What were the results?



By November 2017, Shmapped had been downloaded over 1,400 times!

Early results showed Shmapped users felt more connected to nature and more motivated after completing the study.

We also received thousands of interesting features people mapped around Sheffield! From spray-painted fish to chirping grasshoppers to endless photos of beautiful city parks- we saw it all! 

People shared with us the good things they saw around them and were very quickly finding nice surprises everywhere! 

Can I still get involved?

Yes! Shmapped is now being run by the University of Sheffield until the end of January 2018.

For more information, and for details about the closing event where all Shmapped conclusions will be revealed, please contact Kirsten McEwan at

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