Bee in Sheffield city centre, Paul HobsonBee in Sheffield city centre, Paul Hobson

Have you Shmapped yet?

What is Shmapped? Shmapped is an app for your smartphone which invites users to map the good things about Sheffield’s green and built spaces. It is part of the innovative IWUN (Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature) project run by the Universities of Derby and Sheffield which aims to better understand how different aspects of city living affect our wellbeing.

Why should I use it?

For a number of reasons! Firstly, Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust are engaging local communities with the app by organising guided walks in your area to try it out. They’re a fun way to get out and about with people who know about the green spaces near you and you can learn about the research behind the app.

Secondly, by downloading the app you have a chance to win up to £500 in vouchers! If you live in Sheffield and make your way through to the follow-up questionnaire, you can enter our prizedraw with a 1-in-10 chance of winning!

And finally, the valuable information you provide about your experiences will be used by town planners to design better spaces in the future and help people in Sheffield to enjoy their surroundings.

How do I use it?

When you download the app, you will be presented with a five-minute questionnaire that asks about your current health and wellbeing. All information you provide is anonymous and you can withdraw it at any time. For 30 days, the app will ask you to note the good things about the area around you. It’s very simple and allows you to share your thoughts and photos in seconds. After the 30 days, you will be asked to complete another questionnaire plus a final short one two months later.

Sounds great! How do I get my hands on it? Just search for 'Shmapped' in your phone’s app store!

Shmapped Events

Listed below are the events where you can learn more about Shmapped and see it in action!

To take part in one of our organised events (shown as underlined), please search for "Shmapped" on our What's On page. You can register there or feel free to turn up on the day!

We're adding new walks and events all the time! Keep up to date by following our social media pages:

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If you would like more information or want to request a talk about the project, contact the IWUN Engagement Officer, Eleanor Comley, on 07754843450 or at