Western Valleys

Wyming Brook photo by Claire TaylorWyming Brook, photo by Claire Taylor

The Western Valleys include the Porter, Rivelin and Loxley river corridors from their headwaters in the Peak District to their confluences with the River Don.

 The valleys have a rich natural heritage with heathland on the higher ground, woods on the steep valley sides with grassland on the lower slopes. Former industrial ponds along the river corridors provide valuable wildlife habitat and are a reminder of the role the valleys played in Sheffield's industrial heritage.

Wildlife Trust reserves in this area include Wyming Brook - a green flag award site - and Fox Hagg Local Nature Reserve, both in the Rivelin Valley; and Sunnybank at the lower part of the Porter Valley. We are also working in partnership with Sheffield City Council on managing a few of their woodlands including some in the Porter Valley and Blackbrook Wood in the Rivelin Valley