Health and wellbeing

photo of children stream dippingStream dipping

Over the last 25 years we have engaged thousands of people in outdoor activities which have benefited their emotional health and wellbeing.

At Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust, we understand that the health agenda is a top priority for very good reasons. As a nation, we may be living longer than ever before, but we still face major health issues including low levels of physical activity, obesity, smoking, drinking, poor diet, and mental illness.

We may choose to tackle these health issues by prescribing pills or surgery, or even by joining a gym and eating more nutritious food from around the world. At the Wildlife trust we believe that preventative action is better: better for our health and wellbeing, our health service and our budgets. It can also be better for our environment.

The Trust delivers outdoor play activities for children which encourage them to spend time outside and help them develop a sense of responsibility for looking after their natural environment. Supporting budding allotment growers, promoting guided walks and family bike rides on our nature reserves, are all part of how we have helped everyone in Sheffield and Rotherham to enjoy healthier lives.



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