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Kingfisher Spring 2014Kingfisher Spring 2014

Welcome to Kingfisher, our membership magazine for wildlife lovers!

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We are giving Kingfisher a well-earned makeover to make it a better read for our members, and we want to know what you think. If you are curious, why not take a look at some of our design ideas for the new look, and complete our two-minute reader survey at the same time?

Step one: Take a look at the two options for the new-look Kingfisher, below.

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You can also find and read archived copies of Kingfisher below.


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Option 1 New-look Kingfisher - A4.pdf1.22 MB
Option 2 New-look Kingfisher - A5.pdf925.48 KB
Kingfisher 84 Spring 2014.pdf1.83 MB
Kingfisher 83 Winter 2013.pdf1.84 MB
Kingfisher 82 Summer 2013.pdf2.34 MB
Kingfisher 81 Spring 2013.pdf1.52 MB
Kingfisher 80 Winter 2012.pdf3.17 MB
Kingfisher 79 Summer 2012.pdf2.41 MB
Kingfisher 78 Spring 2012.pdf1.88 MB
Kingfisher 77 Winter 2011.pdf2.12 MB
Kingfisher 76 Summer 2011.pdf1.88 MB
Kingfisher 75 Spring 2011.pdf1.57 MB
Kingfisher 74 Winter 2010.pdf3.24 MB
Kingfisher 73 Summer 2010.pdf4.01 MB
Kingfisher 72 Spring 2010.pdf4.98 MB