Sheffield Local Biodiversity Action Plan

Pipistrelle bat - photo by Amy LewisPipistrelle bat - photo by Amy Lewis

Sheffield’s Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) is the city’s main mechanism for protecting important wildlife species and habitats and contributing to national targets.

The Sheffield LBAP was first produced in 2002 by the Sheffield Biodiversity Steering Group - a partnership between Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust, Sheffield City Council, Natural England, Sorby Natural History Society and other partners.

Draft 2012 Sheffield Biodiversity Action Plans
Sheffield Biodiversity Partnership is currently updating the original Biodiversity Action Plans for Sheffield. Sheffield City Council’s Ecology Service as the lead partner has undertaken to produce Action Plans for 4 main habitat types:


The Wetland Habitat Action Plan is now open for consultation until 29th February, The completed Grassland and Woodland Habitat Action Plans are now available, and the Completed Heathland Habitat Action Plan will be available at the end of March.

Information can be found on the Sheffield City Council website.

The River Don and Sheffield & SY Navigation Canals Spatial Action Plan

The summary document can be downloaded here and the full detailed document and maps are available on a CD on request from the Living Don Manager or South Yorkshire Biodiversity Coordinator.

The Crayfish Action Plan

Much of this plan is being delivered through the Sheffield Crayfish Action project and can be downloaded here.

The Green Roof Habitat Action Plan

Sharrow Community Primary School green roofSheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust, as a partner of the Sheffield Local Biodiversity Action Partnership, has written a Habitat Action Plan (HAP) for Sheffield’s Green Roofs. The plan aims to increase the biodiversity value of green roofs in Sheffield - one of the leading cities in the UK for green roofs.

The plan was written with input from the Sheffield-based Green Roof Centre, The University of Sheffield and Sheffield City Council. It consists of information on local biodiversity that green roofs could support, an action plan to ensure the HAP is used, and a scoring table to be used by green roof designers to help them maximise the biodiversity potential of the roofs. The plan can be used by anyone involved in the design and installation of green roofs and we would love to hear from you if you use the plan.
The Green Roof Habitat Action Plan can be downloaded here and the scoring system here

The 2002 Sheffield LBAP consisted of 9 habitat action plans with specific aims and targets for habitats of importance to the area, 10 species action plans for those species of particular local importance and two specific action plans. The 2002 plans can still be downloaded from the Sheffield City Council website.