Staff at Greno Woods June 2014

The Trust's Teams

The Board of Trustees

The governing Board of Sheffield Wildlife Trust. Its members are both trustees of the Charity and directors of the Limited Company.  They are elected from (and by) SWT’s membership, and are responsible for the strategic leadership of the organisation and its good governance.

The Administration, Finance and HR Team

Provides a range of administrative, financial and support services to the rest of the organisation, such as: management of premises, assets and investments, operation of human resources and payroll services, maintenance of health & safety systems, provision of IT, secretarial, reception and administration services, management and statutory accounting.

The HR officer

Supports staff and volunteers through recruitment, placement, training and personal development as well as overseeing the administration aspect of the Trust’s health & safety policy and procedures.

The Biodiversity Team

Leads SWT’s engagement in national, regional and local Biodiversity Action Planning and policy work; the provision of advice and guidance to others on the protection and enhancement of biodiversity; the development of the Living Landscape; and the implementation of specific partnership projects aimed principally at benefiting biodiversity.

The Community Engagement and Learning Team

Provide opportunities which are aimed at engaging children, young people, individuals and families in environmental activities which enable them to lead healthier lifestyles – this is delivered through Education, Youth Participation, Play, and Community Engagement. These are delivered by experienced staff who ensure all activities meet the Every Child Matters outcomes. Staff members also provide support and guidance to volunteers and trainees to enable them to develop skills and experience. Environmental Play and Community Engagement is delivered through a number of different funded programmes of community work days, events and positive activities for young people.

The Outdoor Learning Team

Delivers a programme of sessions which are linked to the National curriculum and the Early Years Foundation stage. These range from environmental education sessions to sessions which promote healthy eating, and are adapted to all key stages. The team works with local schools, community organisations, public bodies and individual members of the public. This is done through formal education sessions with schools; and informal sessions which are interactive , fun and exciting, with out of school clubs and holiday play schemes.

The Executive Team

The group of Senior Staff which brings together all the leaders of SWT’s Objective Leadership Groups to make significant collective decisions about the management and operation of the Trust. It leads the development and implementation of the Trust’s Annual Operational Plan, co-ordinates activity between the different Departments of the Trust, facilitates the monitoring and reporting of progress against the Strategic Plan, recommends policy to the Board of Trustees, and supports the Board in governing the organisation.

The Fundraising Team

Leads the raising of funds to support SWT’s work from private donors, charitable trusts and grant-making bodies such as the National Lottery. It also leads selected fundraising initiatives such as large scale appeals and campaigns, sponsored events, etc.

The Land Management Team

Leads the management and maintenance of SWT’s nature reserves; the management and maintenance of land owned by other organisations; the development and provision of advice on land management for wildlife and people; and the development and implementation of the land management, habitat restoration and habitat creation aspects of SWT’s Living Landscape projects.

The Marketing and Communications Team

Leads SWT’s external relationships – the way it presents itself to the outside world; the way it fulfils the needs of its members, partners, customers and clients; the way it communicates externally (including printed, broadcast and electronic media), and the way all of this supports all SWT’s activities.

The Membership Team

Leads the development and support of SWT’s membership: the recruitment of new members, the retention of existing members, the maintenance and development of membership records, payment arrangements and communications, and the development of good relationships between SWT and its members (individuals, couples, families, Wildlife Watch and corporate members).