• We held a members’ evening to discuss the issue.
  • We have responded to a consultation on ‘The 14th Licencing Round – Habitats Regulation Assessment’. We made comments outlining our concerns that the assessment process would not adequately protect the top tier of nature conservation areas – European Protected sites – and their buffer zones.
  • We will continue to monitor the areas licenced for fracking to see if any permissions are given for Sheffield and Rotherham. If they are and applications to frack are made, we will assess the application and comment and/or object/lobby as appropriate.
  • We will inform members if this happens and equip you to make your feelings known. We will update you via our website, Kingfisher, our e-newsletter and via social media.
  • If fracking is permitted in this area, we will campaign for the strictest regulations and controls.
  • We will work with the Wildlife Trusts and other relevant organisations on the above where appropriate.