High Speed 2 Railway (HS2) is a development proposal to run trains up to 225mph from London to the north of England.

The project is split into two Phases – each needs to be approved by Government in two separate ‘Hybrid Bills’. The Phase 1 Hybrid Bill has now passed all stages of parliament and received ‘Royal Assent’. This means that construction will begin this year with HS2’s aim to open the route by 2026. Phase 2, if approved would be constructed by 2033 and is split into two sub-phases. 2a is planned from Birmingham to Crew and phase 2b would involve completing the Western leg from Crewe to Manchester and constructing the eastern leg through South Yorkshire up to Leeds.

New reports published by HS2 and the Government on 18th July 2017 confirmed that the route in South Yorkshire will be the M1/M18 proposal. The main HS2 route should be moved eastwards and not stop at Meadowhall. In addition, some HS2 trains will do a loop into along the existing track through Chesterfield and into the Sheffield Midland station and rejoin the HS2 track further north. Our response to the consultation on this route can be found as a download below.

A map of this route through Rotherham and the likely impact on local sites of importance for wildlife is shown below.

The new line is likely to directly impact the following important sites for wildlife:

Nor Wood and Locks
Local Wildlife Site and Ancient Woodland – including the nationally scarce Large-leaved Lime and True Fox-sedge

Nickerwoods and Ponds
Local Wildlife Site and Ancient Woodland – woodland and water features

King’s Pond Plantation
Local Wildlife Site – a mixed woodland and large pond

Firsby Reservoir
Local Wildlife Site and Local Nature Reserve – noted for its bird interest including Gadwall and Willow Tit

Hooton Cliff
Local Wildlife Site and Ancient Woodland – a calcareous site with the nationally scarce Large-leaved Lime

Foers Wood
Local Wildlife Site wet woodland noted for its bat species

If you have any information on these sites, please get in touch by email at takeaction@wildsheffield.com or call us on 0114 2634335.