Trees are inspected by an Amey Tree inspector. They make recommendations to the City Council as to whether a tree should be removed or managed in some way. This is done on the basis that the next tree inspection may be in 5 years’ time (this is the agreed maximum period between inspections). Any tree will be assessed as to whether it is ‘reasonably’ safe until the next inspection.

Removal is recommended for the following reasons:

  • Dead or dying tree
  • Decaying or diseased tree to such an extent that they are deemed unsafe
  • Structurally compromised e.g. previously poorly managed
  • Vandalised
  • Damaging to the highway or pavement
  • High likelihood of unavoidable significant damage to the tree as a result of highway maintenance work
  • Proven to be implicated in subsidence and insurance claims

Sheffield City Council will then visit the site of any tree proposed for removal and either approve or reject.

Amey will then put a notice on the trees subject to removal and leaflet drop the area immediately affected at least two weeks prior to works starting.

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