WildPlay provides schools, community groups and the general public with the resources they need to get the young and young at heart inspired by the outdoors whilst improving biodiversity in their very own ‘little green patch’!

Featured Item – Hedgehog Homes

Wildplay offers a fantastic range of products designed to improve biodiversity and get young and old alike enjoying nature. One such product is our fantastic new for 2016 hedgehog home.

Each hedgehog home is handmade with locally sourced timber from sustainable sources in the Peak District. It is designed to provide a hedgehog with a safe place to live in the summer and to hibernate in winter.

As well as looking fantastic in any garden, this hedgehog home helps to conserve a lovable and recognisable species that has been declining in recent years. Also, having hedgehogs locally provides a number of benefits including eating garden pests such as slugs.

To order your home for £83.40 inc VAT call  0114 279 2667 or email wildplay@wildsheffield.com

Wildplay Catalogue

Our product catMinibeast hotelalogue has everything from vegetable growing kits, literacy and numeracy games, bird boxes and sculptures to bird hides, giant minibeast homes, willow tunnels, bug hunting kits, storytelling chairs and mud kitchens. All this geared towards a more exciting outdoor learning experience.

Our products and session ideas have been designed to meet the National Curriculum guidelines and support cross-curricular teaching as well as:

• stimulate creativity
• enhance wildlife and biodiversity
• encourage outdoor learning.

Download the catalogue from the link at the bottom of the page.

WildPlay is a straightforward and ready to use catalogue of products just waiting to inspire; with expert guidance from Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust and teachers across Sheffield, everything is carefully chosen for quality and value. Building on the Trust’s extensive environmental education history, WildPlay makes links with the National Curriculum in a new and exciting way, and also offers the chance to design and build items based on themes you have explored in your classroom.

Why we support outdoor play

We recognise that regular outdoor learning encourages children and young people to engage with their natural and built heritage while bringing a host of benefits in terms of health and wellbeing. Outdoor play also contributes to some of the most important aspects of a child’s development.

Not only does it provide a valuable learning resource but the outdoor improvements you make can vastly help improve conditions for wildlife, whatever size green space you have.

Working with the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust outdoor learning team 

Our outdoor learning team work across Sheffield and Rotherham to help teachers get their pupils outdoors whilst delivering learning outcomes from the National Curriculum. By combining our product catalogue with the expertise of our education team, we deliver a service that helps schools make the most of their time outside.


Download a copy below and be inspired!
For more information call 0114 279 2667 or email wildplay@wildsheffield.com