Greno woodland management

Greno Woods

You can now download the Greno Woods management plan below.

This management plan covers the period April 2015-March 2022. Physical works contained in the plan are aimed at increasing the proportion and quality of priority habitats on the site and maintaining features of interest. Works to maintain and improve recreational infrastructure are also included. A survey and monitoring programme will be implemented over the course of the plan, providing data on ecological conditions which will inform future management works.

In addition to these physical works, the Trust plans to engage the public in the management of Greno Woods through the Grenoside Conservation Group. On site information provision will be improved, as will the promotion of the site through the Trust’s website. An annual programme of events will be held to attract visitors to promote public understanding of its wildlife and history. The opportunity for volunteers to participate in practical work days will also be offered.

Through the implementation of this plan, the Trust intends to ensure the woodland remains true to the vision:

"Greno Woods should be a peaceful woodland, supporting a rich diversity of wildlife, where the woodland’s archaeology and history are conserved and celebrated and where people of all ages from local communities and across the city can come to enjoy a variety of recreational pursuits in a beautiful, natural setting."



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