Agden Bog

A classic example of a type of bog that has now mostly disappeared from our landscape.

About Agden Bog Nature Reserve

Situated on the north west corner of Agden Reservoir in the beautiful Bradfield Dale, Agden Bog nature reserve is a classic example of a type of bog that has now mostly disappeared from our landscape following draining of the land for agriculture.

This nature reserve is most notable for its botanical interest, with vegetation varying from sphagnum beds, purple moor-grass dominated wet grassland, extensive bracken beds to birch woodland. The site is also good for spotting a number of mammals, including brown hare and roe deer.

Birds including nightjar, spotted flycatcher, willow warbler, bullfinch, siskin, lesser redpoll and common sandpiper have all been recorded nesting nearby.

Common toads, common frogs and common lizards also make the nature reserve their home alongside invertebrates such as the green tiger beetle and black millipede. Less common are golden-ringed dragonflies which breed on the mire and can sometimes be seen hawking over the site, or sunning on the tops of vegetation clumps.

A variety of butterfly species can be observed on the reserve and in the surrounding area including green veined white, small white, large white, orange tip, brimstone, large skipper, speckled wood, red admiral, peacock, ringlet, gatekeeper and meadow brown.

Since 2012 the site has been grazed by cattle to reduce the area of purple moor-grass and bracken that has become more widespread, which in turn will encourage the expansion of the sphagnum beds. Common butterwort once grew amongst these beds and it is hoped grazing may enable its return.

Thank You

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Access Information

Getting There

  • Public Transport
    Bus numbers 61 and 62 run from Hillsborough to Bradfield, 1km from the nature reserve. Find more details for this service on the Travel South Yorkshire website.

    Access from the A6102, taking the High Bradfield road at Oughtibridge. From High Bradfield turn right, halfway down the hill to Low Bradfield. Drive round Agden Reservoir and park off-road on the left just before the right-hand bend and opposite the houses.
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    GPS Coordinates: 53.433659,-1.621807


  • There are no footpaths on this reserve. Please contact us for disabled access information.
  • Please be aware that walking on the boggy, tussocky ground can be dangerous. Suitable waterproof walking shoes or boots are recommended for exploring this reserve.

Other Information

  • Dogs are not permitted on this reserve.
  • Barbecues and campfires are not permitted at this reserve.
  • Camping is not permitted at this reserve.