• First footage of otter in River Don

    Tuesday 9th August, 2016

    Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust is celebrating catching some video footage of an otter on a special camera trap funded by its Otterly Amazing! appeal. Despite barely being on screen for three seconds the films leaves no doubt that these shy and elusive creatures have set up home in the River Don.

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  • New lease of life for the river at Catcliffe

    Monday 25th July, 2016

    River Rother, Catcliffe. Photo credit: N Paulin

    The River Rother at Catcliffe (and many other places) has been ‘messed with’ for hundreds of years – its course has altered many times and it has been artificially straightened for navigational purposes. The stretch through Catcliffe upstream of Treeton Lane is very straight, heavily silted and devoid of river life. A new scheme will bring a more naturalistic feel back to the river.

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  • Open-top bus event at special Elm tree in Nether Edge, Sheffield

    Friday 22nd July, 2016

    White Letter Hairstreak Butterfly (c) Geoff Lambertson

    Earlier this year, we wrote to Streets Ahead and the Independent Tree Panel and about the importance of a mature Elm tree in Nether Edge. The tree itself is a rare example of a mature Elm that has survived Dutch Elm disease. We also confirmed that is hosts a colony of the White-letter Hairstreak butterfly – which only lives on Elm.

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  • New HS2 route recommended for South Yorkshire

    Thursday 21st July, 2016

    New reports published by HS2 on 7th July have recommended that the HS2 proposed route in South Yorkshire should be changed.

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  • Nature Counts projects asks citizens to become scientists

    Tuesday 28th June, 2016

    Hedgehog in a pile of autumn leaves (c)Tom Marshall

    People of Sheffield have the chance to become ‘citizen scientists’ for an exciting two-year long joint project aimed at recording animal and plant species in the area. This work will culminate in a ‘State Of Nature’ report for Sheffield, to give the city an ecological ‘health check’.

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  • What does the EU Referendum Result mean for our local wildlife and natural environment?

    Friday 24th June, 2016

    Wigtwizzle Woods Broomhead Reservoir (c) John Wallis at JWLandscapePhotography

    The EU's environmental legislation has provided a strong framework for wildlife protection and air and water quality improvements. The decision to leave the EU brings significant long-term risks to our local wildlife and the quality of our natural environment.

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  • Children to benefit from national wildlife challenge

    Thursday 26th May, 2016

    Children of Sheffield and Rotherham are being urged to get out into nature this June as part of a national wildlife event that has been shown to improve health and wellbeing.

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  • Sheffield partnership set to carry out experiment in a bid to bring more wildlife to the city

    Wednesday 18th May, 2016

    Roadside flowers in Sheffield credit Paul Hobson

    A new collaboration between Streets Ahead, the University of Sheffield and Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust is changing the way that some of Sheffield’s grass verges are cut in a bid to understand if this can help bring more wildlife to our city.

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  • Celebrating Sir David Attenborough at 90: Decades of devotion to UK wildlife

    Sunday 8th May, 2016

    Sir David Attenborough (c) Tom Marshall.jpg

    The Wildlife Trusts thank David for being the UK’s great supporter of the wild world

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  • Public offered free motion sensor camera to mark hedgehog week

    Tuesday 3rd May, 2016

    Hedgehog by Gillian Day

    A special nature spotting kit that includes a motion sensor camera is being offered to older people by Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust to kick off Hedgehog Awareness Week.

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