Developing a Partnership Street Tree Strategy for Sheffield

Agreement has now been reached between Sheffield Tree Action Groups (STAG), Sheffield City Council and Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust to develop a Partnership Street Tree Strategy for Sheffield.

A number of meetings have been held between SCC, STAG and the Trust to agree the scope of the Strategy work. This has now been finalised and the work to develop the Strategy itself is now underway.

To keep people updated on progress towards the Strategy, the Trust will be uploading to this web page the agendas, notes, presentations and other supporting documents that are discussed at the Strategy Steering Group meetings. As the strategy text is drafted we will also start to share this here as well.

If you would like to make a comment about the process then please contact Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust by emailing: or calling: 0114 263 4335.

Meeting 1: Tuesday 20th August 2019

Welcome and Introductions
Scope of work: Already agreed by Sheffield Tree Actions Group (STAG), Sheffield City Council (SCC) and Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust (SRWT)
Steering Group Terms of Reference: Agreed and Adopted
Theme 1:
Vision, Aims and Targets
Shaping a shared vision – our initial work but more work to do.









Agreeing a baseline
Options and preferred approaches to Valuing and Measuring.

Next Meeting Theme 2: Decision-making

To follow:
Meeting 2
Meeting 3
Meeting 4