One step forward two steps back in the fight against badger culling

Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust were delighted to hear the good news this week that the Secretary of State directed Natural England to pause the issuing of a badger cull licence in Derbyshire. Unfortunately however, and as expected, the cull is going to expand again this year.

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs has announced 11 new badger cull areas and will reissue existing licences. The new cull areas include parts of Cornwall, Devon, Wiltshire, Somerset, Herefordshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire.

Although there are currently no licenses for badger culling in Sheffield and Rotherham, a license to cull could be granted for Low Risk Areas like ours at any time. The Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust are running an appeal to raise £50,000 to begin rolling out a badger vaccination programme at selected sites and/or work with local farmers and other landowners to improve biosecurity – preventative measures to stop cattle coming into contact with badgers and other herds, reducing the chances of infection and hopefully preventing any requirement for culling in our area.

Liz Ballard, Chief Executive, Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust said,

“Following the Government’s decision to expand culling to Low Risk Areas, badgers could now be culled in Sheffield and Rotherham. We need your help to stop this happening.  If we can take early action to protect our badger population, we’re hopeful we can stop culling from taking place. Please give what you can to our appeal and help us save our local badgers.”

Donations could help protect our local badger population and deter culling from taking place – www.wildsheffield.com/badgers