The South Yorkshire Woodland Partnership team - Matt, Alex and Lisa - outside Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust offices

Meet the Dream Team for Trees

South Yorkshire Woodland Partnership expands team to help more woodlands take root in our area.

Technical and Administration Officer Lisa Frankish, and Senior Project Officer Alex Evans have joined forces with Matt North, Programme Manager, thanks to funding from the Trees Call to Action Fund. The team are supporting landowners to plant the right woods in the right places, by helping with design, permissions and applying for grants to help with the costs of the work and aftercare. Communities get involved with local training, education and volunteering opportunities.

Team Tree

Lisa explains: “Most people are now aware that we are in a climate emergency and biodiversity crisis. Theyo want to do something about it if they can. The Woodland Partnership project offers support in South Yorkshire by advising landowners how best to achieve the woodland that they want, be that for increasing biodiversity, more cover for stock, additional income or just to use a spare piece of land!

It’s great to be able to signpost people for support with their ideas, when they may not know where to start on their own. For me, the knowledge that I am helping to make a difference to our planet is incredibly fulfilling. Although my role is mostly office-based, you will occasionally find me out and about with the team!”

Alex says her role is complicated but rewarding: “My job is to help private landowners create new woodlands. You need to consider the regulations that have to be complied with, site constraints, and design, which includes choosing species for the site that will do well now and in any future climate we may be living in. I can also support applications for grants to help pay for them.

In the UK woodlands have, until recently, been planted mainly for timber production. We now recognise the need for a shift to woodland creation for multiple objectives, for example carbon storage to habitat restoration and wider environmental concerns, including improved soil, water and air quality. These are all factors that landowners may be paid for in the future as agri-environment grant schemes are brought in following Brexit.

I hope that by helping landowners plant and establish new woodlands, we will see the wider benefits for other people and wildlife. Who doesn’t love to walk through a woodland and take in the many sensory experiences and the magical changes throughout the seasons?”

Taking Root

Matt is very happy to welcome his new colleagues on board. “Lisa and Alex are very welcome additions to the team providing support for landowners wanting to create woodlands in South Yorkshire.

We have proven there is a demand for well-designed woodland which is resilient to climate change and diseases, and which will provide benefits for people and wildlife now and in the future. With our expanded team in place we are able to go out and engage with landowners.”

Get in touch to see how we can help you create woodlands.

The team work throughout South Yorkshire, including Doncaster and Barnsley as well as Sheffield and Rotherham. Discover more about the partnership and woodland creation by visiting our South Yorkshire Woodland Partnership page, which also has links to contact us, or call the team on 0114 2634335.