Crabtree Ponds

Crabtree Ponds, photo by Sarah SidgwickCrabtree Ponds, photo by Sarah Sidgwick

Burngreave's Hidden Gem

In a very urban area, surrounded by roads, this handsome nature reserve brings much-needed green space. As part of a larger nature reserve and mainly used for recreational purposes or as a cut-through by local residents, this reserve is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

Crabtree Ponds started life as an ornamental pond for Crabtree Lodge in the 19th Century and is now a large area of standing water abundant with aquatic life such as rudd, roach, perch, crucian carp, sticklebacks and even eels. Several species of local biodiversity priorities, such as hawker dragonflies, smooth and palmate newt, frogs and toads can also be found here.

The dense shrub layer provides an ideal habitat for fungi with 27 different species recorded onsite, providing perfect shelter for hedgehogs and an ideal home for many insects.

Pipistrelle, Daubenton’s and Leisler’s bats all flit over from the nearby Roe Woods to feed at the ponds. In the woods where sycamore, poplar and ash predominate, bird boxes were set up and have encouraged birds to nest, with treecreepers, woodpeckers, wrens and several tits amongst those nesting here.

Reserve Advisory Group meeting

The next RAG meeting for Crabtree Ponds will be held on site in July 2016. More details to follow.  An update from the last meeting can be downloaded below.  For further information, please contact

Monthly maintenance days

Maintenance days with members of the local community are normally held on the first Monday of every month (9.30am - 12pm), drop in whenever convenient.  Tasks include litter-picking, habitat management, planting, and infrastructure repair.  Tools, gloves, hot drinks and biscuits are provided, and all help gratefully received!  Dates for 2015 are:

January 5th, February 2nd, March 9th*, April 13th*, May 11th*, June 1st, July 6th, August 3rd, September 7th, October 5th, November 2nd, December 7th.

(*Work days moved to following week due to bank holidays and staff absences.)

Management Plan 2016 - 2025 FINAL Consultation

The current management plan and work programme for our Crabtree Ponds reserve are due to end on March 31st of this year. Over the last three months we've been putting together the new plan and work programme for the up-coming nine year management period. We are now in the final preparation stages of the Crabtree Ponds management plan and work programme for 2016 - 2025.

In light of comments received during the consulation period of the first draft versions, a few changes have now been made to the management plan and work programme. These include alterations to section 4.4 Hydrology and the tables in section 4.5 Biodiversity and Biodiversity Action Plan Overview, as well as a few other minor changes and corrections.

Latest versions of these documents are now available in the 'Downloads' section below.

Once again, we welcome your views and comments on the second draft versions of the management plan and work programme. We will have a further 10 day final consultation period, so please send any further comments to Rob Miller at by 8/03/16.

Your feedback is important to us - any further comments will be carefully considered and, where feasible, changes will be made to the plan. If no major items are brought to our attention, we will adopt these latest versions of the plan and work programme which will inform the management of the site from April 2016, so this will be the last chance to comment.



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