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The Sheffield State of Nature 2018 report is the first of its kind and the exciting culmination of the two-year Nature Counts partnership project.

Sheffield State of Nature 2018

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What is the Sheffield State of Nature report?

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In 2013, 25 nature conservation organisations joined forces to produce the UK's first State of Nature report. A second national report produced in 2013, gave further insights as to how our wildlife is faring. In all, the picture isn't good - in the long-term, 56% of nearly 4,000 species assessed have declined since 1970.

Now, the Nature Counts project has embarked on our own local report to assess how Sheffield's wildife and wild spaces are faring. The report showcases the wide variety of habitats that Sheffield boasts, from moorlands and uplands in the west, through to grasslands and farmlands, rivers and reservoirs in the district’s centre, to a wooded and green urban landscape in the east. This mosaic of habitats has the potential to support a rich diversity of species. As well as showcasing the city’s impressive array of natural habitats, the report highlights a pressing need to do more to protect local wildlife whilst recommending ways to achieve this.

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Supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund and in collaboration with a number of partner organisations and stakeholders, the Sheffield State of Nature 2018 report brings together data on local species and habitats. The report summarises findings from local reports, and highlights case studies on species, habitats, local groups and conservation action. The report is aimed and professionals and amateurs alike and will be used to help drive positive conservation efforts throughout Sheffield.

Report launch

The report was launched on 27 April 2018, at an event kindly hosted by Sheffield Hallam University. Angela Smith MP (pictured above right with the Trust's Chair Christopher Pennell MBE and CEO Liz Ballard) helped launch the report. Nature Counts Steering Group members and the Nature Counts team are pictured at the top of this page with their copies of the report.

Visit our Facebook page for more photos from the launch.

Case studies

Producing the report has highlighted just how many people have come together in an effort to understand and protect Sheffield’s wildlife and wild spaces. Thank you to all the report's contributors who have submitted the case studies included in the report. Original versions of case studies that had to be shortened for the report are available for download at the bottom of this page.


The report was developed through the Nature Counts partnership and compiled with guidance from a steering group made up of representatives from Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust, Sheffield City Council Ecology Unit, Museums Sheffield (Weston Park Museum), the University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University, Sorby Natural History Society and Sheffield Bird Study Group.

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Summary report

Individual sections:

Front Cover; Introduction; Overview; Designated Sites; Woodland & Trees; Waterways & Standing Water; Moorland, Upland & Heathland; Grassland & Farmland; Urban; Appendix; Back Cover


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