Call for Sheffield City Council to declare an Ecological Emergency

Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust  CEO, Liz Ballard, is calling for our supporters to get behind the call for Sheffield City Council to declare an ecological emergency. Here is her message to you;
“As some of you may know, we have been calling for Sheffield City Council to call an ecological emergency alongside a climate emergency so that both crises can be worked on hand in hand.  And so that we don’t see climate actions undermining efforts to support biodiversity.
Reasons for us calling on the Council to do this include:
  • raises the profile of the issue
  • tackle both the climate and ecological crisis together
  • ensure the Council looks at its ecological and climate impact across all departments eg planning not just focus on parks & countryside 
After a presentation to the Green City Partnership Board,  last autumn, I received unanimous support for the City/SCC to declare an ecological emergency. It was then a question of process and working with Cllr Mark Jones (Cabinet Lead) to make it happen.
Unfortunately there have been two further Partnership Board meetings – and no progress made. Fortunately, lots of other groups have got behind our call, and invited me and others to speak on this issue over the last few weeks. They are pressing the Council to take action. They have set up a petition and have got the item on the agenda TOMORROW at full Council, to ask questions.
We fully recognise the Council is under massive strain dealing with CV19, but we have and want to offer lots of help to work on a Nature Recovery Plan for Sheffield, with others, to support them in this process.
Many thanks”
(c) Roadside-flowers-Sheffield-Paul-Hobson