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What we have done and will do

As part of this we will continue to engage, lobby and advise local MPs on the issue and alternatives.

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Encourage local landowners to adopt a ‘no cull’ policy on their land so reducing the viability of any licensed cull taking place (a cull license requires at least 100 km2 of land with access to at least 70% of that total land area within that zone).

Continue to promote factual information to the public and local land owners and managers (public and private)

  • In September 2018 we launched an appeal to help fund a programme of badger vaccination in our area. Visit our appeal page to make a donation:
  • Continue to monitor the developments of Government’s Strategy for ‘Achieving bovine TB free England’ and specifically the criteria for badger culling to be rolled out in South Yorkshire, despite it being a Low Risk Area because there are very few cases of bovine TB found in cattle in Yorkshire.
  • Work with partners to raise funds and deploy the badger vaccination if the situation arises that a cull is proposed in Sheffield and Rotherham. We really hope this will not be needed, but we have prepared a plan for deployment as we want to be ready to act fast if we need to so as to ensure there is an alternative to culling if required. We would send out a ‘call to action’ through our members and social media should a campaign be needed but as this looks increasingly likely we welcome donations to help us develop the capacity to roll out a vaccination programme locally:  make a donation to our Campaigning for Wildlife Fund
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Badgers and bTB Updates

The Government have consulted on a proposal to extend the badger cull in to areas such as Sheffield and Rotherham.